Floyd E. Cable, JR.
 ( Skip) 
founder of 
"Cable Trucking"
Jeffrey A. Cable SR. (7 yrs old)
 in 1962  
President of 
"CTI" & Coordinators
In 1957, John E. Saul founded John E. Saul Ready Mix, located just off Route 66, near Apollo, PA.. After forty years of supplying the area with quality concrete and building services, Mr. Saul retired and sold his business in 1997 to Floyd E. Cable, Jr. and son Jeffrey A. Cable, Sr. of Cable Enterprises, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Cable Trucking, founded in 1949 by Floyd E. Cable, Jr. is the parent company of CTI Trucking Company.

The purchase of John E. Saul Ready Mix began a new adventure for the Cable Family. In September of 1997, the new company, now known as C.E. Ready Mix, opened its doors with the same commitment its original founder employed...a dedication to the highest quality and service available. This commitment, coupled with the desire to reach more customers, led C.E. Ready Mix 
into a new realm of expanded customer service.

In Febuary 2007 CE Ready Mix purchased
Irwin Concrete from its founder Jospeh Lispana. Mr. Lispina founded Irwin Concrete in 1976. After, 31 yrs of supplying quality service and dedicated customer service he decided to retire.